Found us on your bank or credit card statement, and did not recognize it?

Discrete Payment Processing

Elevate Your Customer's Privacy, Boost Your Revenue. Seamless, secure, and discrete.

Keeping Statements Private

We offer a special service that keeps customer payments private. Your business name won't show up on their credit card statements, making your customers feel more secure and boosting their trust in you.

The Problem We Solve

Traditional payment descriptors can often be too revealing, leading to discomfort or concerns about privacy for your customers. This is where we can help, offering a discrete alternative that can significantly impact customer retention.

Some customers get uncomfortable when certain purchases show up openly on their bank statements. We help you avoid this issue by keeping the payment info low-key.

Example: Take a popular streaming service, for instance. Not every family member may appreciate knowing about one’s unique taste in niche genres. 

By ensuring privacy in billing, we reduce the potential friction that could deter consumers from recurring subscriptions or new purchases. With our help, your customer can relax, knowing their choices remain private.

How It Works

Our service is easy to set up with your current system. Once it's done, your customer’s bank statement will show a neutral name, not yours. It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference in keeping customers happy and coming back.


Set-up: You connect our service to your system. No stress, it’s easy.


Payment: A customer buys something from you.


The Magic Touch: Instead of your name, our company's name appears on the bank statement.


Happy Customer: Your customer gets the privacy they want.

The transaction process remains largely unchanged for your customers. They make a purchase on your platform, and when they receive their bank statement, they see our name instead of your company's name. It's that simple, yet it makes all the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction and discretion.

Benefits For Your Company

Keeping customers happy is key to keeping your business strong. Our service helps you do that by making sure customers feel their privacy is valued. In a highly competitive market, this could be your key differentiator. Plus, our system is safe and quick to set up. 

  • Increase Customer Retention: Trust us, when customers know their privacy is respected, they stick around.

  • Enhanced Security: Our system is like a vault. It's built with top-notch security protocols.

  • Easy Integration: Our system plays well with others, so you can integrate it with your existing setup, fast and easy.

Benefits For Your Customers

By choosing us for your payment processing, you're effectively offering a service that cares about individual privacy. Your customers don’t have to worry about others scrutinizing their bank statements. They can shop without worry, giving them one less thing to stress about.

  • Privacy Guaranteed: No need for them to sweat about prying eyes.

  • Increased Comfort: They can spend freely, knowing they won’t be judged by their bank statement.



Ideal for small businesses that are just entering the market and want to provide their customers with discreet payment options.

Discreet Billing Names
Up to 1,000 Transactions per Month
Email Support
Easy Integration


Perfect for growing businesses that require more robust features, including advanced analytics and a higher transaction limit.


Comes with all features of Starter Package, plus:

Up to 10,000 Transactions per Month
Priority Email and Chat Support
Security Compliance Check
Basic Analytics Dashboard


Tailored for high-volume platforms that need custom solutions, this package offers the highest level of service and customization.


Comes with all features of Professional Package, plus:

Unlimited Transactions
Advanced Analytics Dashboard
Custom Branding
Dedicated Account Manager with 24/7 Priority Support (Phone, Email, and Chat)

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